Meenakshi (Meena) Chakraburtty-Bhaga

Owner and Operator

Being on Locke Street South since 1990, it has been a continuing pleasure and my personal ongoing goal to “serve the medical needs of this community with passion, care and enthusiasm.” With a background in university and certified Paramedic, I have been running Locke Street Medical Clinic as sole proprietor since 1998.

My passion is to reach each patient that comes into the clinic, emanating throughout the day with smiles and natural caring nature, engaging with the young and old with a calm and welcoming gesture. 

I truly pride myself in the deep respect I have for all the physicians who work and have worked at the clinic, making sure their needs to treat the patients are met in a timely manner with little or no delay.  I continue to study at the local university to keep up my medical knowledge in order to serve you and the community better.